Merchandising Center Mini Certification

About Course

This course will provide you with all the basics on the Merchandising Center.


The course will give you: 

  • –  An overall understanding of Raptor Merchandising Center
  • –  An overall introduction to the Merchandising Center
  • –  The Purpose of the Merchandising Center
  • –  Activation strategies
  • –  Configuration and activation of campaigns in the Merchandising Center
  • –  Product Set Campaigns
  • –  The connection between the Customer Data Platform and the Merchandising Center


The course consists of video tutorials supplemented by text materials. At the end of the course when all materials have been completed, you have the possibility to test your skills and earn a Merchandising Center certification.

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to use the Merchandising Center
  • How to set up and activate different kinds of campaigns
  • What activation strategies to use
  • How to attach CDP audiences to campaign
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