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At Raptor Academy we give you the possibility to upgrade and test your skills within Raptor services. We want to help you bring your competences to the next level through online learning – and in that way ensure that Raptor solutions are bringing users the best value possible! 

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Raptor Academy consists of an online learning environment with video tutorials, text material, quiz’s for reflection and finally the possibility for taking certifications to document your Raptor skills.   

Website Personalization

All you need to know about the Raptor Web advisor and how to get data in and out.

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Become a professional user in the Raptor Customer Data Platform. Attend on-site in Aarhus HQ or online. 

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Catalogue Enhancement

In-depth lessons of the Paid Media product, Catalog Enhancement



Features and setup of merchandising across different channels.

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Personalization for Banners

In-depth course of the Paid Media product, Personalization for Banners

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E-mail & Triggers

In-depth review of the marketing automation products, E-mail & Triggers..


Web Certification 

Our first online course is now ready for you and more are to come. Please join our Raptor Academy and learn even more about Raptor Services! 

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